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Publications and Presentations

Magnitude and oxidation potential of hydrocarbon gases released from the BP oil well blowout

Samantha B. Joye, Ian R. MacDonald, Ira Leifer and Vernon Asper (2011)

Community composition and temporal change at deep Gulf of Mexico cold seeps

Stephanie Lessard-Pilon, Matthew D.Porter, Erik E.Cordes, IanMacDonald, Charles R.Fisher (2010)

Community structure comparisons of lower slope hydrocarbon seeps, northern Gulf of Mexico

I.R. MacDonald, M.Smith, F.W.Huffer (2010)

Deepwater disaster: how the oil spill estimates got it wrong


Remote-sensing evaluation of geophysical anomaly sites in the outer continental slope, northern Gulf of Mexico

Oscar Garcia-Pineda, Ian MacDonald, Beate Zimmer, Bill Shedd, Harry Roberts (2010)

Benthic macrofauna and megafauna assemblages in the Arcticdeep-sea Canada Basin

Ian R.MacDonald, Bodil A. Bluhm, Katrin Iken, Sergey Gagaev, Shannon Strong (2009)

Considerable methane fluxes to the atmosphere from hydrocarbon seeps in the Gulf of Mexico

Evan A. Solomon1, Miriam Kastner, Ian R. MacDonaldand Ira Leifer(2009)

Metabolic variability in seafloor brines revealed by carbon and sulphur dynamics

Samantha B. Joye, Vladimir A. Samarkin, Beth! N. Orcutt, Ian R. MacDonald, Kai-Uwe Hinrichs, Marcus Elvert, Andreas P. Teske, Karen G. Lloyd, Mark A. Lever, Joseph P. Montoya and Christof D. Meile (2009)

Origin, distribution, and alteration of asphalts at Chapopote Knoll, Southern Gulf of Mexico

Markus Bruning, Heiko Sahling, Ian R. MacDonald, Feng Ding, Gerhard Bohrmann (2009)

Using SAR images to delineate ocean oil slicks with a texture-classifying neural network algorithm (TCNNA)

Oscar Garcia-Pineda, Beate Zimmer, Matt Howard, William Pichel, Xiaofeng Li and Ian R. MacDonald. (2009)

Distinct activity phases during the recent geologic history of a Gulf of Mexico mud volcano

I.R. MacDonald, M.B. Peccini (2008)

Correspondence of sea fan orientations with measured currents on hard bottom habitats of the Mississippi/Alabama continental shelf

Michael B. Peccinia, Ian R. MacDonald (2007)

Dynamic processes observed at a gas hydrate outcropping
on the continental slope of the Gulf of Mexico

Michael F. Vardaro . Ian R. MacDonald, Leslie C. Bender . Norman L. Guinasso Jr (2005)

Thermal and visual time-series at a seafloor gas hydrate deposit on the Gulf of Mexico slope

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Asphalt Volcanism and Chemosynthetic Life in the Campeche Knolls, Gulf of Mexico

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Distinct side-scan sonar, RADARSAT SAR, and acoustic profiler signatures of gas and oil seeps on the Gulf of Mexico slope

S. M. De Beukelaer Æ I. R. MacDonald N. L. Guinnasso Jr. Æ J. A. Murray (2003)

Distinct pigmentation and trophic modes in Beggiatoa from hydrocarbon seeps in the Gulf of Mexico

Roxanne Nikolaus, James W. Ammerman, Ian R. MacDonald (2003)

Gas hydrate and chemosynthetic biota in mounded bathymetry at mid-slope hydrocarbon seeps: Northern Gulf of Mexico

Ian R. MacDonald, William W. Sager, Michael B. Peccini (2003)

Detection of sperm transfer and synchronous fertilization in Ridgeia piscesae at Endeavour Segment, Jan de Fuca Ridge

Ian R. MacDonald, Verena Tunnicliffe and Eve C. Southward (2002)

Transfer of hydrocarbons from natural seeps to the water column and atmosphere


Media Interviews

Size of Oil Spill Underestimated, Scientists Say

Ian R. MacDonald, New York Times (2010)

BP's behaviour in the Gulf is appalling. But our thirst for oil is the real issue

Ian R. MacDonald, Gurdian (2010)

Over 50% of BP Oil Remains in Gulf

Ian R. MacDonald, National Wildlife Federation (2010)

Mis-Measuring the BP Oil Spill- Video

Ian R. MacDonald, ABC News (2010)

There's Less To See, But Oil Still Haunts The Gulf-Audio

Ian R. MacDonald, NPR Radio (2010)

BP / Gulf Oil Spill - FSU Research Cruise

Oscar Garcia-Pineda, Skytruth (2010)

La Limpieza durara al menos una decada

Oscar Garcia-Pineda, Excelsior Mexico (2010)

Pictures from the Gulf

Oscar Garcia-Pineda, Florida State University (2010)


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